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About Singularity

The Science Council organizes an annual science fest “Singularity- Where Science Prevails”. It began in 2010 in the form of a science club with just 5 members and has grown immensely over the years to attract participation from various premier institutes of the country. The aim of Singularity is to create an ambience of science as an extracurricular activity at IISER-B and offer a platform for the young minds of the country to showcase their talent in the field of science. The fest aims in popularizing science through various exciting and fun-filled events like experiment designing skills, quizzes, treasure hunt and puzzle competitions in addition with science based art activities. The fest also aims in promoting science at school and college levels and spread awareness about future prospects in the field of scientific research and development.

Previous Versions

Singularity 14

Singularity developed into a full-fledged fest in 2014, becoming one of India’s first science fests. Packed with new and distinct science events like Renaissance and an Astronomy workshop, it instantly created an impact, receiving great response and acclaim from all.

Singularity 15

The success of Singularity 14 inspired the continuation of Singularity as IISERB’s annual science fest. Singularity 15 saw an addition of several new events. Along with a Ballooning Demonstration and Space Science workshop, there were several lectures on diverse topics such as Drug Discovery and Bonsai Art form. The fest attracted participation from many reputed colleges and schools of the country.

Science Council

The Science Council organizes activities round the year, such as Science Forums, Talks and Workshops, to promote science as an extracurricular endeavour. Renowned faculty from India and abroad are invited to deliver popular or specialized science lectures. There are five clubs under the Science Council, namely Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Clubs. Each club organizes a variety of interactive and hands-on events to enhance the academic personality of the students and increase the understanding of the subject.