Students Activity Council


Students Activity Council (SAC) is a union of the students to address their concerns and for organization of extracurricular activities in the Institute. It is totally managed, organized and maintained by the students themselves.


“SAC contains 7 different Activity Councils (Student Development, Computing & Networking, Cultural, Environmental and Social Initiative, Fine Arts and Literary, Science, and Sports) and a Representative Council. The Activity Councils manage the extracurricular affairs that come under their realm, while the Representatives Council works as the channel to address all the issues of the students related to academics, hostels and student life in general. The Students Senate is the overall governing body of SAC; all the decision-making regarding the students is done here.”

“SAC Elections are conducted once a year to appoint the President, Vice-President, Treasurer of SAC and the Secretaries of the respective Councils. All the students except those in their first year are eligible to take part in these elections. Students are also appointed for various other responsibilities in SAC.
Chemistry Club
Physics Club
Mathematics Club”

“SAC ensures smooth and continuous conduct of student activities in the Institute. It also aims at quick and proper resolution of the issues of the students. SAC also provides an opportunity to the students to be engaged in the extracurricular activities apart from their regular curriculum, and present and enhance their creativity, technical and managerial skills.”