Representatives' Council


Representatives’ Council aims at providing the students a channel to convey their requests or representations to the Institute. It also aids in management of students affairs like mess, transportation, hostels, medical facilities and all other affairs related to students.Representatives’ Council consists of the representatives from all the batches (UG and PG) of the Institute. Additionally, the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs and the Hostel Wardens are also invited to RC meetings from time-to-time. Students are required to bring any of the their concerns or representations to the notice of their respective representatives, hostel wardens, or the hostel caretakers, from where it is brought to the notice of the concerned authorities as soon as possible. In case of any emergency students can also contact the respective authorities or the Secretaries of RC directly.


RC will serve as the channel to convey the requests or representations of the students to the Institute.

  • RC will contain 2 representatives (a boy and a girl) from every UG Batch and PG.
  • RC will account for all the students’ concerns (except mess).
  • RC will meet once in a fortnight to discuss certain issues of the students. Guest Members may be invited to be a part of this meeting.
  • RC will account for the requests or complaints from any member of the General Body.The concern should be forwarded through the batch representatives to the RC. It will be resolved as early as possible or shall be discussed in the next RC meeting.
  • RC Members will be only authorized to forward the concerns of their batches to the DOAA, DOSA whoever concerned.
  • RC Members will be authorized to contact the Administration or the Finance Section directly to account for the complaints/concerns of their batches.
  • In case of an emergency, the members of the General Body will be authorized to approach DOSA, DOAA, or Administration directly.
  • For minor personal issues regarding the hostels or accommodation, members of General Body can approach the Hostel Wardens or IWD5 directly.
  • The responsibility to convene and record the RC meetings shall be shared by the Secretary: RC (UG-Male/Female). Minutes of the RC Meetings shall be released in public interest.
  • RC will also account for any representation/request regarding any of the faculty members or the academic curriculum. From here Secretary: RC will forward this request to DOAA or to the corresponding Faculty Member(s). However, if the representation is unsuitable for direct/personal conveyance, it shall be brought to the Senate for further consideration or/and shall be redirected to the Institute Grievance Redressal System.
  • Permanent Members of RC:
    • 2 Representatives (a boy and a girl) per UG Batch.
    • Secretary: PG Affairs (Male)
    • Secretary: PG Affairs (Female)
    • Secretary: RC (UG Male) (One among the UG Boy Representatives)
    • Secretary: RC (UG Female) (One among the UG Girl Representatives)
  • Guest Members of RC:
    • Dean of Students’ Affairs (DOSA)
    • Dean of Academic Affairs (DOAA)
    • Hostel Wardens