Know Your Candidate, SACEC'18

Candidate1Divyareshmi. T.R

I am a third-year undergraduate student from the Earth and Environment Science Department of IISERB standing for the post of President, SAC.

For what makes me eligible for this post is my participation in various institute activities, fests and bearing several posts within the community.

I was elected the Class Representative of 2015 batch for two consecutive years (2015-16 and 2016-17) and also the Department Representative of 2015 Earth and Environment Sciences Dept. I had borne the post of the coordinator Environment and Social Initiative Club (2017-18) under which many I was able to complete many tasks.

I have been student representative of Prayaas since my 1st year and have been an integral part of coordinating team for all the events conducted by Prayaas.

Participated in, anchored, volunteered and coordinated many of the Institute fests since 2015 including Uttarang (2015), Singularity, Enthuzia, Arts and Letters and also various national and regional festival celebrations organised in the campus.

I have also worked as an Organisational Associate in CDC (2017-18). Participant in various sports including table tennis and football.

Involvement of this sort had moulded me as a leader and most importantly as an individual. For if I get elected as the President, SAC, I hope to emphasise mainly on a proper interaction of SAC with the authorities and faculties which could only strengthen the relationship with each other and thereby a smooth functioning of SAC.

I also believe in a further emphasis on a public transport system for the community members to the city and back on a daily basis.

Transparency in all the SAC-related activities shall be maintained strictly. The ultimate priority of the SAC is always the students, and hence a system shall be developed for proper addressal of all their complaints, queries and suggestions and immediate response for the same. All that is expected is a combined effort with the will to succeed.

Candidate 1. Alex George

Past Activities:

  • Currently holds the post of Mess Representative (2017-2018) from BS-MS 2016 batch in Mess-2.
  • Have been an active part of the organising committees of Onam 2k16 and 2k17.


  • According to the revised guidelines for overload course, from 3rd year onwards, CPI cut-off for taking maximum one overload course is 8 or above, and for maximum two overloads is 9 or above per semester. Due to this high CPI margin, most students find it challenging to complete their courses for a minor. Also, the students are not able to take courses of their choice.

I will try to continue to follow up this issue and work on it with my maximum effort.

  • I will try to resolve any issues faced by students related to Health Centre. I will try to make sure that the all facilities are available to students and if any problems arise, I will pursue them to the maximum extent in the interest of the students.




Candidate 2. Fathima Afsal

I am a third-year undergrad student of Biological Sciences department who will be contesting for the post of Vice President in the forthcoming elections.

I have been part of clubs, fests and events being either as a team member, volunteer or a participant.  I have been student representative of Prayaas since my 1st year and have been an integral part of coordinating team for all the events conducted by Prayaas. I have also been a coordinator for Book Club and conducted various competitions under it, including the Spelling Bee at the recent Arts & Letters-17. Since August 2017 I have been the coordinator for Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan, an initiative by MHRD. Also, I have been a part of CDC as Organisational Associate since 2017. I had volunteered in Singularity’16, and have also been an active participant in Singularity’17 and Arts & Letters’15, ‘16 and ‘17. Apart from these, I was a part of IISERB’s throwball team, and a participant of shotput during IISM’16 held at IISER Kolkata. All these experiences have given me exposure to various councils, to interact with various people and thus to understand the working problems faced by them. Therefore, I have interacted with Registrar sir, DoAA and DoSA offices for multiple reasons.

Being a representative of the student body as the Vice President of SAC will be an excellent opportunity for me to serve the fellow students. I plan to implement an “Online Complaint Portal” system with the help of CNC, which would give the student community a provision to make any genuine complaints regarding academics/other problems that are within reach of SAC.I promise a “15-day deadline plan” to look into any genuine issue forwarded to us and get back to you within 15 days (inspired by the current and previous SAC).

I believe this would help us make aware of the concerns of the student community and bring transparency to the system.

Also, the issue of providing washing machine service to students has always stayed as one of the agenda of SAC. I promise to push it forward further to the authorities.

Thus, I believe that any issue could be resolved with collective efforts and devotion.

Candidate 1.  Anish Ganju

The grandeur of the Cultural Council keeps growing each year and this year, if the will of the public permits, I would like to don the mantle of the secretary of the Cultural Council. In terms of past experiences, I now have much to offer. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • I’ve been in the organising committee of both Singularity’17 as well as Enthuzia’18. I’m also currently a member of the Armageddon Gaming League’s Core Committee.
  • I’ve been the member of the drama club for the past two years as well as a backstage help for most of the events conducted during my stay in this college
  • I’m also currently the second-year coordinator for Prayaas. This has helped me get a better understanding of working as a team on any topic.


The ideals and vision that a secretary must have for his post are fundamental in his tenure. Being an ardent participant in most activities of the Cultural Council, I would like to propose the following points to back my standing for this post:

  • Taking into consideration the student communities views, I would try to bring in a dance/ music teacher. The aim would be to help interested students to learn.
  • If a professional music teacher won’t be possible, I would at least try to organise peer classes wherein you learn the basics of an instrument from someone who’s been playing it for a longer time.
  • ‎Due to a scarcity of our participation in external events, I’d like to start tie-ups with other clubs to find suitable participants to represent our college in prestigious events like the NLS Debate.
  • Bringing new ideas such as this time’s The Amazing Race and Pani Puri Eating competition to the table.


The points enlisted above are just a few things that I’ve noticed are required by the council, if elected I would be able to hear and voice the grievances of the student body better.

Candidate 2. Arya Agarwal

Past Activities:

  • I was selected as the coordinator of the dance club in 2016. During my tenure, I worked on establishing dance club with an adequate room, wall mirrors, and an equipped sound system.
  • I voluntarily nominated myself for EBSB (Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat) core committee and was selected as the convenor for the same. I am well experienced in conducting events like those organised under EBSB.
  • Apart from that, I have been an active participant in cultural programs like those organised on Independence Day, Republic Day, Onam and cultural fests like Enthuzia.


  • To showcase the talent of the student community on a bigger platform, I’d like to introduce exchange of youth delegation amongst other esteemed institution throughout the world. This is already being practised in the sports council. I’d like to initiate the same in the Cultural Council as well.
  • I wish to take our cultural fest Enthuzia one level up by organising more number of events and competitions so that the talent of our Institute can be recognised on a global platform.
  • I’d like to put forward the idea of appointment of teachers for several cultural clubs like dance, drama, instrumentation etc. to promote learning, based on student community participation.

Candidate 1. Aniket Dhar 

Past Activities:

  • Currently a member of the UDAY designing team.
  • An active member of the drama club of IISER Bhopal.
  • Was a member of the organising committee in the Arts and Letters’17 and headed the event ‘Doodle Making’ which was organised for the first time.
  • Participated in the Arts and Letters’17 and ’16 and volunteered during the Independence Day, Republic day, Enthuzia, Singularity.


  • I would like to work hard for making the Arts and Letters’18 a successful one. Last year we saw there was lesser participation from the community due to the time and I want to ensure that doesn’t happen this time. Moreover, if I become the secretary, I would introduce new events in the Arts and Letters.
  • Some of the newly started clubs need active participation from the community. If I become the secretary, I would like the clubs to hold competitions every semester such ​​their promotion can be done through the FALC Facebook page so that it also remains active.
  • Last Arts and Letters faced many problems like the results were not declared on time, the winners have not received their prize amount. If I become the secretary, I shall work on that such that there is no delay at all.

Candidate 2. Yudhajit Ain  

Hi everyone, this is Yudhajit Ain, as you would most probably know if you have been an active member of student activities yourself. I am standing for the post of Secretary, FALC, and I believe that I am an eligible candidate for the post since I have had experience in working in diverse college activities before this.

To mention some, I have had experience in organising Arts and Letters 2017, as the Vice Secretary and Core Committee member of FALC last year. That should hopefully assure you that you’ll get an as good, if not better Arts and Letters this time if I’m elected. I have been an organising member of TEDx IISERBhopal, and I have helped Bilvin in contacting speakers for the same. So, I believe I have reasonable experience in approaching people and negotiating with them. I believe my work as a Communications Associate and an Organisational Associate in CDC last year has also provided me with experience in this regard. I have also worked as an apprentice editor in the editorial team of Uday 2016-17, and currently working as an editor for Uday 2017-18. Humbly enough, I have also ticked the intensive-organisational-work checkbox as an experiment designer for Renaissance 2017.

FALC has always been close to my heart, and I believe that events and activities of FALC should try to increase the intimacy between the artist and the art and to bring together community members with similar tastes in art, in literature, in movies or anything leisurely. Thus, my agenda would focus less on increasing the grandeur of events and concentrate more on bringing people together in their appreciation of the lighter side of life. To that end, I would like to include the following in my agenda:

   I would try to get a Gallery room, where I expect to display various works of art, photography, as well as literature that our community members come up with during the many competitions and events, organised year-round. To make way for new art, I would like to hold auctions and contribute the gains to Prayaas. If possible, I would try to get exceptional artworks to auctions and festivals of repute in Bhopal.

   I would like to start an online blogging platform under FALC where people can post their compositions, articles and poems. Also, I would make that the platform for online events and competitions, of which I would like to increase the number so that people can participate even while sitting in their rooms. Taking a cue from the earlier idea of bringing people together, I would like to start events like a Haiku jam.

   Along with the book club, I would like to try and organise a second-hand book fair here, for all the book lovers.

   I would try to organise writing and designing workshops on the campus, like the ones organised by popular platforms like the scribbled stories etc.

   Recently there has been an issue regarding the nominal fees to be paid for a book club membership, although we all are paying an amount in our fees for SAC activities already. Although it is mentioned exclusively in the constitution, I would still try to address the issue formally in the Senate.

Candidate 1. Nandhu Krishna Babu

Past Activities:

  • Volunteered Singularity 2k17
  • Have been an active part of the organising committees of Onam 2k16 and 2k17.


  • Will introduce a college science e-magazine. It will contain articles and activities by the students as well as faculties.
  • Will try to bring the various clubs together and make it more interdisciplinary. It will be in the form of conducting students’ symposiums, science forums and workshops on interdisciplinary topics.


Candidate 2. Shreyansh Agrawal

Science is my passion and is the reason why I joined IISERB. The motto of the Science Council is to create an ambience for a leisurely practice of science, which resonates well with my aim of promoting science and making it fun for all. I want to take the Science Council beyond just organising Singularity, by creating an environment of yearlong activities. This can be implemented efficiently by forming a working committee.

I consider myself eligible for this post because:

  • I have been associated with Singularity for the past two editions. In 2016, I was an experiment designer for Renaissance, and in 2017 I was a part of the core committee. Therefore, I have a hands-on experience with conducting Singularity.
  • I have been a part of other SAC fests as well. I was a volunteer for Enthuzia ’17 and Arts and Letters ’16.
  • I am an active member of the physics club since I joined IISERB and have attended other clubs as well. I am currently helping in the coordination of the physics club.

If I get a chance to become the Secretary of the Science Council, I will propose the following reforms:

  • I want to start an initiative to promote science amongst the school students of Bhopal. To achieve this, I want to organise regular in-house talks, exhibitions and inter-school competitions. This would also be an excellent opportunity for the IISERB students to share their enthusiasm on a wider stage. In fact, we are already working on this idea.
  • I want to restart the science magazine as a monthly online newsletter. To tackle the problems we faced earlier with this, I propose making a separate team for each month which will work on it. This would also help in developing skills in Science Communication, a field which is currently on the rise.
  • I would make sure that this year the Science Council organises events beyond Singularity. Events like Forums, Quizzes, Faculty talks, Workshops and a TEDx event will be included in the calendar to make the year more satiating.

Candidate 1. Chakradhar R.

A friendly and an approachable individual with a drive to contribute to the welfare of the community, that’s me. I have been the Cricket Coordinator since my first year here in IISER. I have worked under the tenure of Sudarshan Sharma (BS-MS 2013) and Swadhin Agarwal (BS-MS 2015) which has provided me with a ton of experience. I have organised various tournaments which have honed my management skills. I have improvised continuously and thus, have overcome difficulties during my tenure as the Cricket Coordinator. I have been a part of the IISER Bhopal contingent as a member of the Cricket team in IISM 2016 and IISM 2017. I have witnessed the level of competition and enthusiasm each IISER brings into the game and know about the efforts put by the sportspersons participating in IISMs. While talking to the sportspersons of other IISERs, I realised that they practice with different clubs and colleges on a regular basis as a part of their IISM practice. This is very helpful as it helps cultivate the right temperament required during a match. I wish to promote more such interactions with IISER Bhopal and Colleges and Clubs in Bhopal. I firmly believe that women participation in sports must be encouraged and seeing the dwindling women participation in sports in my first year as the Cricket Coordinator, I came up with the idea of a Mixed Cricket Tournament which must have at least two girls in a team of 7. This was a step towards increasing the girls’ participation, and the objective was met. I believe that there should be such events in all the sports, to increase the overall girls’ participation, which is one of the points on my agenda. I also believe that sports in IISER Bhopal are not entirely about IISM. Casual sports activities should be given equal importance to promote sports as leisure activities. I plan to have more casual sports tournaments. Hence, I deem myself worthy as a candidate for the post of Sports Secretary.


Candidate 2. Manish Kumar Meena

Past Activities:

  • I have been a part of KHO-KHO IISM team for last three years. I am Coordinator of the KHO-KHO team since August 2017. We have won Gold Medal in IISM’16 held at IISER Kolkata and Silver Medal in IISM’17 held at IISER Mohali.
  • I am an active athlete, participated in IISMs, IIAMs and Mini-Marathons. We have won Silver Medal in 4*400 relay event in IISM’16 held at IISER Kolkata. Along with this, secured 4th position in Mini-Marathon’17. Completed 11km Marathon (RUN BHOPAL RUN) in Dec’17.
  • I am associated with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) and Walkathon Club as an event organiser where my job is to contact Sarpanch of the village and visit with team to pursue some social activities like cleanliness drive, awareness for health, girl education, child rights, etc.
  • Part of core committee member in ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ Abhiyan run by Government of India to celebrate the unity in diversity of our nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bonds between the people of India. I am also representing Internshala in our college as an Internshala Student Partner (ISP) to provide information about several internships opportunities and training courses.



  • Prices/trophies for all Intra-IISER tournaments.
  • Activity Calendar for all sports activities as well a website for Sports Council.
  • Regular coaches for all games.