SACEC 2022

Convener – Mr Sai Satyadarshan Bhuyan

Name E-mail ID Contact Number Post
Sai Satyadarshan Bhuyan 7991029762 Convener
Atharv Ambekar 9819936441 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Anuja Patel 9644516356 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Srinivasula Koushik 8179433014 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Deependra Singh Sinsinwar 7375077134 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Shreya Joshi 9763669706 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Akanksha Singh 7352725100 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Sakshi Wagle 9689087001 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Kaushal Vijay Kenjale 9834341045 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Arihant Tiwari 9024909915 SAC 2021-22 Senator (ex-officio)
Vishal Soni 8813846166 Member
Khush Dave 7016790190 Member
Arjun Mane 7977041550 Member
Pratik Pal 7980456458 Member
Richard David 8269446677 Member
Roshan Dora 8249451725 Member


03rd February 2022 The Student Senate is accepting applications for SACEC
18th February 2022 SACEC Quiz
20th February 2022 SACEC announcment
26th February 2022 SACEC Meeting 1
28th February 2022 Ballot opens for all posts
07th March 2022 Deadline for giving application form
08th March 2022 SACEC meeting 2
No more documents will be accepted
09th March 2022 Extension of the deadline with CPI relaxation (to 6.50) for vacant posts
10th March 2022 Deadline for giving application form
11th March 2022 Final call for nominations(CPI criterion relaxed to 6.00) for vacant posts
12th March 2022 Deadline for giving application form
13th March 2022 SAC quiz
14th March 2022 Deadline for withdrawing nominations
15th March 2022 List of Candidates released
16th March 2022 Campaign Session
17th March 2022 Voting commences
17th March 2022 Voting concludes
19th March 2022 Results announced

Voting will be compulsorily offline for students who are on campus
Campaign session will be offline and online
Whenever the website is updated, a mail will be sent.
SACEC contacts will be made public.
Any complaints against a SACEC member including non-acceptance of the application form should be reported to any other SACEC member. Reasons such as non-acceptance of the application form by a SACEC member will not be accepted for late applications. Any complaints against the entire SACEC should be reported to faculty advisors or DoSA