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With an aim to provide a platform for the budding artists from schools in and around Bhopal, we introduce to you Bedazzled – a competition to bring out the best talents among schools in a way that highlights social issues upfront! Showcase your talents in the genre of singing, dancing, acting or a combination of these. Come join in the hunt for the best among schools!!

Event Rules

What is it?
The act should be singing, dancing, drama or a creative display of your talent on stage. (Acts like beat-boxing will be considered, but ramp walk will not work)

What you get:
Stage, microphones ( ), music system, speakers and lights shall be provided by the Enthuzia’17 team. Any kind of music included in the act has to be provided in a pendrive before the competition.

What we expect:
Props, costumes and other material required for the act shall have to be arranged by the participating team.

Event Rules

Time limit:
5 minutes

A social issue

Team Limit:
There is no limitation on number of teams per school

Team Size:
up to 12 members per team

Registration Fees:
₹300 per team

NRI Global Discovery School

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Breath-taking performances will get a chance to perform at Enthuzia’17 in IISER-Bhopal

₹15,000 worth prizes + Exciting goodies to be won!!

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    Ishwar Venugopal
    Convener, Enthuzia'17

    Prateek Yadav
    Event Coordinator, Enthuzia'17

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