Computing and Networking Council


Designs what you love


We play what you like..


We give you online platforms


We organize Lectures over interesting topics and also the workshops in Computing and networking Applications.


“Computing and Networking Council (CNC), aims primarily at management, organization and promotion of the Computing and Networking activities in the Institute. There is a Students Website ( which is totally designed, managed and organized by CNC.”

“ CNC takes care of technical aspects like designing of brochures, posters and forms for SAC; and also manages the technical facilities given to SAC like server, cameras, projectors and other multimedia equipment.”

“CNC also promotes the e-gaming and organizes the Intra IISER e-gaming event, Armageddon. CNC works in following four teams with Secretary, CNC. Each team has its Head, who can make his own volunteering team for smooth working of council. Secretary, CNC and Vice Secretary, CNC are also the members of each Team.”

“1. Gaming Team- Takes care of Gaming Club, promotes e-gaming activities in our institute.
2. Developing Team- Maintains and manages the Students' Website and other developing stuff.
3. Designing Team- Takes care of all designing stuff.
4. Managing Team- Takes care of paper work of CNC and also maintains the Social pages of CNC.”

CNC Clubs

Gaming Club
Keep Playing

Organizes Weekend e-Gaming for enthusiastic gamers. Also organizes the Intra IISER e-gaming Event, Armageddon.
Gaming Club Promotes the e-gaming in our Institute.

Programming Club
Spreading Knowledge

Weekly Meetings.
Discussions over Curious Questions.
Programming Tutorials and so on…