Know Your Candidate

Sreepadmanabh M (BSMS 2016)


Past Experience:

1. Served two terms as Secretary of CDC; Coordinator of IBQC; Ex-Coordinator of Oratory Club; Currently serving as Natural Sciences UG Representative for the ICDPC

2. Organised the first Annual Model United Nations Conference as Head of Operations in the Core Committee; Event Coordinator the first SharkTank entrepreneurial event during Singularity 2017.
I have also been the quizmaster for over ten quizzes in IISERB.
3. Led the teams which helped set up IISER Bhopal’s Placement Cell, started regular campus placements and job recruitments at IISERB for BS-MS 2013 and 2014 batches, and organised the Academic Mentorship Program for the BS-MS 2018 batch.


Agenda Points:

1. Open Agenda System: Organise monthly General Body Meetings with all the SAC members, wherein most of the SAC agenda for the next month will be decided. Council Secretaries will also update the General Body about the activities being undertaken by their council and clubs, as well as inform about new changes and plans. Active feedback will be taken for the same, and improvements made as per suggestions received.

2. Setting up of voluntary Academic Support Groups for all batches, as well as soft-skills and language development groups, especially for the first and second year batches.


Prutha Bhide (BSMS 2017)


Past Activities:
1. Being the Vice-Secretary for Cultural Council, taught me how to manage and oraganize events like SPICMACAY , various cultural events and events of Enthuzia.
2. Being part of the working committee, FALC and a CDC communication associate helped me improve my interpersonal communication skills.
3. As a Mess Co-ordinator (Mess 3), I was able to bring day-to-day issues faced by the students in the notice of the Mess Committee thus, bridging the gap between them.
1. ‘Online Review Portal’ for campus facilities so that students can report their concerns or suggestions regarding canteen, shopping center facilities, etc. which will then be brought to notice to the respective authorities, to act upon the same.
2. I plan to get vending machines in Academic buildings for students and yearly health check-ups.

Rishabh Bhonsle (BSMS 2017)


Past Activities-

  1. Having volunteered for Enthuzia 2018 and having been a core committee member of Enthuzia 2019 has given me sufficient experience regarding the functioning of the council and its activities.
  2. Being the Vice Secretary of FALC has not only taught me to be creative but also what it is like to work as a team for a common purpose.
  3. Having volunteered for Singularity, MUN, IISM, CDC and even institute events like Alumni Meet and Vijyoshi has given me the skill set and experience that one would require to represent the community for such a post.
  1. To resume the smooth functioning of the drama club and appointing dance and music teachers on a per semester basis, similar to the Sports Council Coaches’ tenure so as to ensure proper and regular sessions. Collaborating with all the clubs to tale our exquisite cultural talent to an inter-IISER platform in this year’s IICM 2019.
  2. Conducting more events throughout the tenure to bring in overall community participation through events like gala nights, college-level comic cons, street performances, melas, etc. And last but not least, to make the journey of Enthuzia a cultural extravaganza full of surreal experiences through Sunburn Campus, Live Concerts, etc. to leave you with a collection of joyful and unforgettable memories.

 Gokul Udayakumar (BSMS 2016)


Past activities

1)Was a part of ENTHUZIA’19 core committee as logistics head, and volunteered in Enthuzia 18 and 17.
2)Was a part of SINGULARITY 18 core committee as a logistic head, volunteered in Singularity 17 and 16.
3)Was a part of the organising committee of onam 2016 and freshers 2017.
My agenda
1) To conduct an Enthuzia in a grand and successful manner by forming a core committee at the earliest and following a proper plan with following dead lines.

2) To ensure the participation of IISER Bhopal in IICM.

3)A proper SPICMACAY Committee will be made and will try to include this committee in the constitution itself.