Know Your Candidate



Arihant Tiwari (BSMS 2019)



Past Experiences

  1. I am currently the coordinator of IISER Bhopal Astronomy Club (IBAC), it has given me exposure to leadership, decision making, planning and execution, organization, and management via effective communication.
  2. I am presently, the Assistant head at Research group, IBAC. I also serve as the observational Head in RG.  The Group gave me exposure to research oriented approach to problems and ways to solve them.
  3. I have been the Event Coordinator of Hunting the Heavens in Singularity 2020. This gave me exposure to management, participant feedback management, communication skills,  planning and public reach


  1. A more multidisciplinary approach by the science council, bringing in Eng Science/applied sciences into the scope of Singularity as well as the council work by conducting events, talks and workshops pertaining to these.
  2. A fun and constructive event like a student’s science paradigm, a student conference where they could present a paper (doesn’t have to be published one, just something they are intrigued about) posters or videos that the council could evaluate & facilitate.