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The Sports Council is one of seven councils that functions under the Student Activity Council (SAC) of IISER Bhopal. It is in charge of all sports, health and fitness related activities within the institute. The council is aimed at providing opportunities to community members to actively participate in sports and keep fit. It also aims to alleviate the stress of daily life in the institute as well as promote a sporting culture. It features a large array of clubs pertaining to various sports and games so as to meet the community’s diverse range of interests and talents. All the sports clubs are handled by student coordinators. Annually, the council organises a large variety of events at individual as well as institutional levels. The IISER Bhopal Sports Family demands two traits from each athlete- love and passion for sports, and a strong spirit of sportsmanship. The council hence depends on the enthusiastic participation of all community members!

Latest Updates and posts

IiSER Bhopal duathlon

With amazing participation in the Virtual run and the Youth day events, the IISER Bhopal Sports Council is ready to take it up a notch. We bring to you the first-ever IISER Bhopal Duathlon!

The duathlon would involve a running leg followed by a cycling leg.

The Duathlon would mark the beginning of the long-awaited, fun-filled, and competitive Intra IISER Sports Meet: Sangharsh! 

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Guidelines for use of Gyms, courts and grounds in campus

The rules for use of Sports Facilities on campus have been updated (as of 01/01/2021)

The guidelines for use of gyms can be found here

Read more to find the full list of guidelines for use of courts and grounds.


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