• GET. SET. READY. Armageddon is coming.

    Armageddon is organized by IISER Bhopal Gaming Community under Computing & Networking Council. A free-to-play platform to showcase your eSport charishma.

  • Play Beyond.
    Win Cash Prizes.

    Head-To-Head Battle and eSport tournamnets are the perfect ways to get the maximum adrenaline rush. Cash prizes and exiting goodies can be won if you become the battle-master.

  • January 12, 2017.
    Mark The Date.

    There will be prelims, semi-finals and finals for every tournaments. The finals will be conducted with collaboration with Enthuzia 2017.


eSport Tournaments.

Each tournament will be divided into several selection stages. The finals will be conducted in collaboration with Enthuzia 2017. The Rules and Regulations will be followed as bellow. Click on the individual event to Register.

Download CS-GO.

Looking for an opportunity to practice the game before the tournament but don't have it! Download from google drive right now. The drive link has the game.exe file, readme file and the map aa_dima.bsp (the map for prelims).
The map should be pasted in Counter Strike- Global Offensive/csgo/maps/ after game installation. The game runs only if it is ‘Run as Administrator’.

  • Tips 'n' Tricks

    It is suggested to turn off the Game DVR feature of XBox One on PCs having lag issues and slow/rough gameplay. Steps to turn off Game DVR :
    1. Open Xbox App (Windows search bar)
    2. Click on the 'three parallel line' icon on the top left corner to get a menu.
    3. Click on Settings at the bottom of this menu. You see five column menus. Go to the third menu which says Game DVR.
    4. Turn off the toggle switch (if on) which says "Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR.