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After the enormous success of Singularity’14 we are back and ready to spread the light of science with as much fun as possible.


We strive to create a healthy scientific environment in IISER Bhopal and benefit the community through the views and work of eminent persons in the field of science, both from India as well as around the world. We seek to inspire school students to explore the beauty of the natural world and its many hidden rules, which has driven man’s curiosity throughout the ages. Being a science institute we find it our moral responsibility to educate the society and impart scientific awareness to the citizens and promote scientific research as a career opportunity for the coming generations.


The Science Council organizes student and faculty talks and holds documentary screenings on a regular basis. Many renowned speakers from across the country have given talks under the banner of the Science Council. There are many clubs under the banner of the Science Council, which hold regular meetings to discuss topics in science beyond the scope of the curriculum. The Science Council also actively contributes to the Outreach Program of IISER Bhopal in which students from Class IX - XI from all over India are introduced to the pure sciences and the career opportunities present in the field of scientific research.


Singularity was started in 2010 in the form of a Science Club with just 5 members. The aim was to create an ambience of science as an extra-curricular activity in IISER-B. Over the years, we have grown both in strength and ambition, and in February 2014 we organised IISER Bhopal's first ever science fest. The first edition of Singularity gathered an overwhelming response and we were inspired to bring to you, for the second time, Singularity'15, where different branches of science find a strong platform for expression - where science prevails.

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Ballooning Demonstration

Launching balloons with scientific equipments
The ballooning group led by Prof. Jayant Murthy and Dr. Margarita Safonova.

Python Workshop

Workshop on programming with Python.

For registration fill the form and mail to sciencecouncil@iiserb.ac.in

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Singularity presents

Space Science And Technology Workshop

By Space Technology Awareness Camp (STAC), IIT Kharagpur

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Solar Activity

By Aryabhat Foundation

Get a telescopic look at the sun, and get a glimpse on the solar acivities - solar flares, solar spots etc.

Drug Discovery : A Glimpse
Dr. Ratika Srivastava
Senior Research Investigator
Biocon Bristol Myers Squibb Research Center, Bangalore

Tropical Bonsai


Greetings from Team Singularity!

We are proud to present Singularity’15 – the official science fest of IISER Bhopal. In a country where tech fests and cultural fests are the norm, we bring you a unique type of science fest where school and college students alike can freely participate, where curiosity and inspiration is generated, where science is not a concept, but a culture.

Join us at Singularity, where science prevails.


You can either drop by our transit campus, from where we have hourly buses to the main campus.
Or you might choose to directly find your way to the main campus

Main Campus

IISER Bhopal (Main Campus),
Indore By-pass Road,
Bhauri, Bhopal - 462066

Transit Campus

IISER Bhopal (Transit Campus),
ITI (Gas Rahat) Building,
Govindpura, Bhopal - 462023


Navin Sridhar
Fest Convenor
Secretary, Science Council
Bhagyshri Mahajan
Subham Biswas

Singularity'15 is a science festival organised by the science council of IISER BHOPAL abiding all the laws of IISER BHOPAL's SAC Constitution

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