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Singularity started as a group of science enthusiasts at IISER Bhopal. Under the banner of the Science Council, we have organized science activities, talks, student lectures and much more for the IISERB family. Here we take a step further and bring to you the first ever science fest of IISER Bhopal.

Our Background.


We strive to create a healthy scientific environment in IISER Bhopal and benefit the community through the views and work of eminent persons in the field, both from India as well as around the world. Being a science institute we find it our moral responsibility to educate the society and impart scientific awareness to the citizens and promote scientific research as a career opportunity among the upcoming generations.


Singularity was started in 2010 in the form of a Science Club with just 5 members. The aim was to create an ambience of science as an extra-curricular activity in IISERB. Over the years we have grown both in strength and ambition; now we are in a position to organize our very own science fest.

IISER Bhopal


Many eminent speakers have given talks under the banner of the Science Council. The Science Council holds regular meetings in which extra-curricular topics are discussed. This council also organizes student and faculty talks and holds documentary screenings on a regular basis. The Science Council actively contributes to the Outreach Program of IISER Bhopal in which students from class IX - XI from all over India are introduced to the pure sciences and the career opportunities present in the field of scientific research.

Many eminent scientists from the country are invited at IISER Bhopal to benefit the listeners with their experience. The talks cover a multitude of disciplines in the pure sciences.

A wide range of events and competitions for students and faculty alike, with exciting prizes to be won.

* Rules and prizes are subject to change based on the number of participants.

Events for School Students

You can register to participate in our fest below. Individual Event Registrations can be done in the Events section. School students should register themselves in the Events for School Students section above.


  1. Food and lodging for outstation participants will be taken care of by IISER Bhopal.
  2. Such participants must bear the travel expenses themselves.

Singularity'14 T-shirt

    All non IISER Bhopal-ites who would like to get a Singularity'14 T-shirt can drop a mail at sciencecouncil@iiserb.ac.in We'll reserve one for you and you can collect it from our help desk on payment of ₹250

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You can either drop by our transit campus, from where we have hourly buses to the main campus. Or you might choose to directly find your way to the main campus.

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