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October, 2017.

Hello, humans.

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.

Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.

Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.

We are glad to bring the fourth installment of Singularity.

Our very own science fest to flourish our appetite for knowledge.

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Singularity was started in 2010 in the form of a Science Club with just 5 members. The aim was to create an ambience of science as an extra-curricular activity in IISER-B. Over the years, we have grown both in strength and ambition, and in February 2014 we organised IISER Bhopal's first ever science fest. The first edition of Singularity gathered an overwhelming response and we were inspired to bring to you Singularity'15, Singularity'16 and, for the fourth time, Singularity'17 where different branches of science find a strong platform for expression - Where Science Prevails.


Get High On Science!

Get geared up for the much awaited science fest, Singularity, with the Singularity 2017 goodies that are up for sale at the rate of ₹400.00 for each Round Neck T-Shirt and ₹750.00 for each Hoodie! You can place an order offline with the representatives in Mess 1-4 or you can pay online and fill the google form and register your orders.


How do I order online?

To order your items online, transfer the amount of money to the account mentioned below. You can use Quick Transfer feature of NetBanking or transfer to the account number using ATM Card Swiping Machines or cheques etc. After paying the money, you MUST fill the google form and register your orders.

Which Account should I transfer the money to?

Account details:
Beneficiary Name : Bilvin Varughese
Account Number : 20186340558
IFSC : SBIN0011765
(Kindly add ‘Singularity Merchandise’ in the Remarks)

When is the last date for ordering the goodies?

The last date for both online and offline ordering is 26 September, 2017. Offline ordering in all messes during 7:30 PM - 10 PM will continue along with online reception till then.

Is there any other information I need to keep in mind?

If you are paying money online, you MUST KEEP THE PAYMENT RECEIPT WITH YOU and provide the same in order to receive the ordered items.

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Domino Effect

Singularity Poster

Balloon Commune

Petri-Dish Picasso

Dr. Radhakrishnan K.

Model Exhibitions

Robotics Workshop

Singularity Poster


Plant Exhibition

The 2017 edition of Singularity-the annual science fest of IISER Bhopal, presents you the 'Treasure Hunt.'

Rules     The Story

"    From the interplay of the flow of electric charge in the billions of neurons in the cerebrum, five individuals met up and associated their psyches to set up questions and puzzles inside the campus. Somewhere, within the realms of this establishment, lies a treasure well hidden from the outside world. Do you have what it takes to find this secret treasure chest ? We promise you an exciting and adventurous quest, a fun-filled game of discovery and strategy. Register your group and participate in the online preliminary round which will test the power of your insight.

Question Of The Day

Large rivers flow into the sea. Relative Sea Level (RSL), according to IPCC, RCP8.5 (Figure 1) is expected to rise about 1 m by 2100 A.D. Assuming a 1 m rise in RSL in the Bay of Bengal, explain the change in the river slope profiles of the Ganga and Brahmaputra river. Do their confluence likely to move landward or seaward?

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Domino Effect


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Bad Ad-hoc Hypothesis


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